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January 18, 2011


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"I'm attending my first gay wedding today. I'm attending my first same-sex wedding today. I'm attending my first homosexual wedding today. What is the politically correct term for such a wedding? Who cares? Frankly, I don't understand the furor and uproar over same-sex marriages."


Severt Casanova

Why not give equal rights for the third sexes? I am definitely pro same sex marriage. Let us forget the traditional thinking. Everything now has changed. It's time now to transform our life's perspectives.

Mcneel Peak

Severt, I do agree with you. The only answer to this existing problem is allowing this third sex to enjoy what others do enjoy. I am not saying this because I myself is lesbian or gay, but rather I am saying this on behalf of those who are human beings as well, who feel the same exact feeling that we feel.

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