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May 21, 2010


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Sherri Irvin

As long as I'm giving tips ... this is not brand new, but in 2009 Monique Roelofs edited a substantial special issue of the online journal Contemporary Aesthetics titled Aesthetics and Race: New Philosophical Perspectives. The best place to access it is here (scroll down): http://www.contempaesthetics.org/newvolume/pages/journal.php

Sherri Irvin

Oh, and here are a couple more:
Derrick Darby, "Reparations and Racial Inequality," Philosophy Compass 5 (2010) http://www.blackwell-compass.com/subject/philosophy/article_view?&type=std&article_id=phco_articles_bpl268

Paul Taylor, "Black Aesthetics," Philosophy Compass 5 (2010) http://www.blackwell-compass.com/subject/philosophy/article_view?&type=std&article_id=phco_articles_bpl263

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